Making Customers Happy—We Want Win-Wins


If you are a retailer, please apply for a Yumbutter wholesale account HERE.  This will allow you to purchase Yumbutter SKUs by the case at wholesale prices in our online store.  After we receive your application, we will verify your information and then send you an email approving your account.  Once approved, you can login and start purchasing our mouth rockin’, world changin’ nut and seed butters for your store.

Yumbutter is also available via select UNFI, Nature’s Best, Kehe, Haddon House, Debut and QFD distribution centers.  Please check with your local distributor to see if Yumbutter is available through your regional distribution center. 


"This business is so good. Can it be true? Yes, it can, and it is. It’s exciting to learn about an enterprise that takes its ideals so seriously, (though not without a sense of humor). When you purchase delicious food from Yumbutter, you are supporting a business that is working to make a healthier world. It is certainly not business as usual! The final ingredient of all of their products is the most important one of all: love."

— Sally, Wedge Co-Op Minneapolis, MN


We're looking for like-minded partners to help us spread the love. Yumbutter is a great addition to your nut butter set because:
  • It's unique—artisan, handcrafted, and unparalleled on deliciousness.
  • It's good—we use only simple, wholesome and yummy ingredients.
  • It's socially driven—our BuyOne:FeedOne™ program fuels social good, something more and more customers are seeking out.

If you manage a retail/grocery store, you can download our sell sheet here.